Welcome to our research website on Territorial Interest Representation in the European Union. This e-website brings together all our datasets and accompanying publications on how regional authorities seek to influence EU public policymaking. More specifically, this includes evidence on how subnational authorities get involved in EU affairs, participate in networks with other stakeholders such as EU institutions, national governments, other regional governments and interest groups.

This website operates as the online archive for the various projects our research team has conducted in this field. The data that we collected over the past ten years are made available to the general public and can be freely used for replication purposes and follow-up research. The data is both qualitative and quantitative by nature and was drawn from various data sources, including expert interviews, website coding and content analysis.

Various funders sponsored projects which allowed us to establish this data-source:

  • the Flemish government support to the Policy Research Centre on Foreign Affairs, International Entrepreneurship and Development Cooperation (project number 28008);
  • the Flemish government support to the Policy Research Centre on Governmental Organization (project number 27587);
  • the Research Foundation Flanders, Odysseus Program, 2009-2013 (project number G.0908.09);
  • the European Research Council, 2013-2018 (ERC-2013+CoG 616702-iBias).


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